Sunday, January 20, 2008


So the house is back to normal...Christmas is officially gone at our house...finally!! At the expense of my hip......yep I fell off the stepladder as I was reaching for the last 3 ornaments towards the top. Landed on the arm of the couch hurting my knee & hitting my hip. It's sore but the tree is all packed up! Oh and I broke the 3 ornaments PLUS the star on top!!! But all is not lost--Joe got out his trusty epoxy & fixed the ornaments & the star (you can't even tell they were broken)! Did I mention that I bent the trunk of the tree as I grabbed it on my fall down? Yeah when I fall I take everything down with me!! LOL!!!

PS--The tree trunk had to be hacked down by 4 inches & was salvaged for next year's fall!!!

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laura vegas said...

what ... no pictures to go along with the story? lol! i can totally picture it ... but only because i'm clumsy like that all the time. lol! hope your hip feels better soon!