Saturday, January 5, 2008

We're getting there...

As I said yesterday I had lots of stuff I wanted to do. I procrastinate a lot but I made some progress. Yesterday I tackled some laundry & made a pot of sauce with meatballs. I started straightening up the house so I can take pics of the decorations which seems never-ending but we're getting there.

Today we got all the outside decorations down & put away. We were quite a team. I footed the ladder while Joe climbed up & took down the wreathes off the eaves of the house. Then while he pulled the reindeer off the frozen lawn I took down the lights & garlands off the porch. Where were the girls you ask? They played their part by happily riding their bikes & skooter all over the driveway!

After all that Joe & I agreed that we were hungry so we decided to go to Hooter's. Yes I said Hooter's. I was in the mood for some hot wings & what man will ever argue about going to Hooter's? We shared loaded cheesy gooey nachos....yummmmm. Then I had some hot strips which I like better than wings because it's easier to eat without all those messy bones to gnaw through. Double yummmmmmm....the only thing missing was the beer but that I could do without---who needs all those EXTRA calories??? LOL!!!!

When we got home I needed a nap. I didn't intend on laying down but the bed called to me & who am I to argue? I kept dozing in & out of sleep with the girls occasionally coming to check on me. Marissa covered me with a blanket & I felt so toasty warm -- it was easy to just lie there. Luckily Joe kept the girls happy & watched some movies with the girls downstairs. Gotta love that man...feeds me AND lets me nap...hmmmm....If I didn't know any better it almost sounds like I'm preggers or something....but I'm NOT!!

Tomorrow Marissa has a birthday party to go to in the morning & I'll come back home to de-Christmas the house more. Like I said we're getting there.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i napped yesterday too...but, ummm, i am preggers...i could have napped during my pedi, too, because the lady gave my legs an extra massage, so nice...have fun getting the rest of the decs down...ours are done!

laura vegas said...

i'm such the mean wife ... i would never let my husband set foot in hooters! lol! not even for hot wings!

we still need to get our lights off the house. we had a huge storm come through here this weekend ... so it's way too wet on the roof to get up there. we have never even used a ladder for lights ... just climb on the roof (through my daughters window) and go along. lol!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like my kind of day. Work, food, nap. Christmas decorations are a lot more fun to put up than take down!