Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teacher Gift

Tomorrow is Marissa's last day of 2nd grade. As a thank you to her awesome teacher I made her this gift. I got the idea from someone on 2Peas, you can see hers here. I stuck to the design on pretty much all of it--makes it a no brainer for me! ;)

I've made this before for her Kindergarten teacher (who moved up & was her 1st grade teacher too) & pretty much plan on making one for each teacher every year. You can see the 1st one I made here.

The outside card reads:
"A Teacher... Takes a HAND, Opens a MIND, Touches a HEART, Shapes the FUTURE".

PENCILS - You have "SHARPENED" my mind,
PENS - You have "WRITTEN" on my heart,
ERASER - Thank you for teaching us lessons that cannot be "ERASED".,
SCISSORS - "You are a "CUT" above the rest,
CALCULATOR- However you "CALCULATE" it, your qualities add up to perfection!,
HIGHLIGHTER - You have been the "HIGHLIGHT" of my year,
RULER - Thank you for keeping me on the "STRAIGHT & NARROW".

PUSH PINS - Thanks for helping me "STICK" with it this year,
TAPE - You are so patient, even when things get "STICKY",
GUM - If I had a choice - I'd "CHEWS" you for a teacher!,
GLUE - You are the "GLUE" that hold our class together,
CHALK - "CHALK" one up for an awesome teacher!,
STAPLER - Thank you for teaching me the "STAPLES" of life,
POST-IT NOTES - For keeping us "POSTED" on important events,

I used SEI "Retrospect Groovy Gal" papers (that I've had forever) & misc ribbons from Micheal's too), Lunch box tin - Provo Craft, Fonts - 2Peas Squish.


Inga's Notepad said...

This looks phenomenal! This is one of those gift ideas that teachers (like I was) cherish. If you have a photo of your daughter with the teacher from the school year you could include that also.

Great stuff. Thanks for posting this!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

this is so cool!! i wish i had seen this before buying the giftcard...i just didn't feel all crafty...i made the card though. love it!

Heather Ruwe said...

I LOVE THIS! I will have to use it next year. :)

Carla said...

That is the most awesome gift!!! Cleaver!