Friday, June 26, 2009

Sugar Lips

Not sure when it happened but I call Gianna "Sugar Lips" all the time. If I ask her "Whose my Sugar Lips? She'll answer "I am!"...yeah she melts me! So it seemed appropriate to use her nickname for the title of this years Valentine LO!

Once again I used the same design from the last few LO's I've done (ver. 1 & ver. 2)that were lifted from Laura. What can I say?? If it ain't broke don't fix it!! That certainly applies to a good design...especially when single photo LO's freeze me completly!

And here are the last cards I made using these scraps.

Used a Martha Stewart heart punch on small bits of scraps & just lined the pieces up & added a button. Super simple!

It also ties in with the next LO I did...that has nothing to do with Valentine's Day!! The love fest is over....for now! Who knows maybe I'll attempt Halloween next! LOL!

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