Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Five Year Old

Today my baby girl turned 5.

Five years old.

She's five.

I want to know what happened to the little baby I just brought home not that long ago....
Because now I have no babies at home anymore...sort of makes me sad.

Today I took cupcakes to her school so they could have a little party. They were so excited to celebrate her birthday...cause hey--there are CUPCAKES involved!!

Afterwards when everyone was wipe clean of frosting we took a group pic. Sort of sad since this will be her last week at this school. There are just 2 other kids from this class that will be in her school next year.

Then the kids went outside to work off some of the sugar. Gianna was playing frisbee with her friend & while waiting for her turn she was so "happy-go-lucky".I made her this cake. She wanted "Dora" & I talked her out of it...cause I'm mean like that! I mean have you tried making BLACK frosting?? Hard, unless you buy the premade tubes that are pricey & you'd need a lot!! Then there's the taste of black frosting...not so yummy according to my family. So we compromised with Tinkerbell.

Not my best cake, but I had to make this super fast thanks to a cake malfunction. **GASP** Joe even told me I cheated since I didn't pipe the frosting with the star tip like you're supposed to. Yes, he got the stink eye for that! When I showed him the destroyed cake he understood why I made it smooth instead--there would not have been enough time to frost since I had to re-bake the cake. Yes you read that correctly. Apparently if you're trying to save time by baking the cake the night before so you can frost it the next day at your leisure MAKE SURE YOU TAKE IT OUT OF THE PAN SO IT DOESN'T STICK!! Sorry I lost track there.....

Either way, Gianna loved her cake!! See how excited she is??She settled down a bit for this pic.
Her cousins were all over to help her celebrate...
Making a wish....
Opening her presents. She pulled out the hanger instead of the dress that was in the bag & was so excited about it not realizing it was just the hanger. It was hysterical!
She was even more excited about getting clothes for her Webkinz.

She has wanted "Cooking Mama" for her Nintendo DS for awhile, but Marissa already has it for her DS & they have to share, which doesn't happen as often as it should. When I saw this (for the Wii) I jumped on it! It's one of those perfect presents!
She had a great birthday & loved all her presents. And if you ask her how old she is she'll say...
"I'm little five."

Love you!!

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Carla said...

Happy Birthday to Gianna! She's getting so big and that cake it cute!!