Friday, June 12, 2009

Pre-School Graduate

Today Gianna "graduated" from pre-school!! No more school with naps! (not that she ever took naps) No more will she be in a different school than Marissa. In the Fall, this girlie's headed to KINDERGARTEN!!!

I can see her now in her high school yearbook..."Class Clown"! This chick loves to fool around!!

She gets it from her Daddy, whom she's totally melting here.

See?? Goofball!!

The teachers had all the kids sing 2 short songs & then passed out their diplomas. It was super quick. No pomp. No circumstance.
Her "diploma"...yep she's official!
They did have a little celebration afterwards & got loaded up on sugar, except for Gianna who didn't eat her cupcake since it was vanilla...she won't touch it if there's no chocolate!!

Besides that night we took her to Friendly's!

Congratulations Gianna!!!

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Carla said...

congrats to your little one. She is so cute in that hat. Kindergarten? Wow. I loved having a kindergartener. They are so cute at that age.