Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bringing Home the Gold!!

The girls both take gymnastics, & every year at the end of the season the gym holds a "Mini-Olympics". They break the kids down into "Countries" (teams) & walk out to the National Anthem. Then they each do the routine they do while in class using all the equipment. At the end they have a ceremony & give out gold everyone!!

Since they go on different days their "Olympics" were also on separete days, which is time consuming but they like it.

Warning! pics stink with the horrible lighting in the gym!

Marissa's olympics was on the Wed....

Here she is doing the un-even bars.

Getting her gold medal...She's excited to now have 2 & can't wait to start again in the Fall.Friday morning was Gianna's Olympics. Here she is on the balance beam....The un-even bars.....Getting her medal....she jumped down quicker than I could take her pic!!Posing by the rings....
Gianna was excited to get a medal too & now wants to go again in the Fall. She kept changing her mind about it but wouldn't tell me until after I paid for the next session of classes!! Hopefully I can get them in the same class & maybe then she'll like it the whole time, having her sister there. Not that I'd force her to take it again, but once they are signed up & it's all paid for they have no choice--I don't give them one! Of course getting the medals gives them incentive to keep going...because who doesn't want a gold medal??

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Carla said...

congrats to your girlies. They are so cute and you got some great pics.