Monday, December 6, 2010

Where Have I Been??

I'm here...I'm here....I have good reason for not being around. The hard drive on my laptop crapped out. I didn't lose anything THANK GOD!, but it's a hassle. Luckily the new one is in my possession, just waiting for the Dell guy to call me to talk me into replacing it....they told me it was very easy to install....ummm..okay! Hoping to stall them so Joe can be home to do it for me when they call....that's right I have no faith in me! ;)

Besides that I've been doing all the Christmas-y things....decorating the house both inside & out....which lately take me FOREVER!! Now except for a few things that I intend to do today I'm done!

Yesterday I made the girls dress up for Christmas card pics. I think it took me about 30 mins before they were DONE but I got what I was after. Then I downloaded them & ordered my cards from Costco (using the kids' computer). Felt good to cross that off my list. I was starting to feel behind...even though it was only the 5th of December! I got my 1st card in the mail November 30th!

This week is a crazy week with school things, appts, & the like, but I intend to start my cookie baking by the end of the week.....and no I haven't finished my shopping....I forgot what I've bought so I need to go through everything & see what I got for who & make a list so I don't forget again! Yes I'm anal like helps keeps me sane!

Oh and I'm slowly working on my December Daily album. I have the pages sorta put together just need to add the dates & little details to them. I have been taking pics for it so even if it doesn't get put together until February like the last one I did, I can still do it. LOL!

I have some posts that I have saved that I never got to finish that I will try to get to soon, so don't be surprised if there's an old post on here that suddenly shows up. That's about where I'm at right now. Hoping to be back to normal soon!

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