Monday, December 27, 2010

The Blizzard AFTER Christmas

So it wasn't a white Christmas around here. It snowed AFTER Christmas....and I'm ok with that.

We didn't have to go anywhere.

No one was coming over.

We could just stay put!

It was great! We stayed in our PJ's & played with our new toys, watched movies & ate leftovers, while the wind blowed terribly & the snow came down.These were taken from the inside of the front door....I wasn't stepping foot out there!This is the other front door that leads into our kitchen...I just opened the door & snapped a pic. Looks so pretty!

This morning Joe, of course, sets out to go to work so he shovels his half of the driveway, knowing I wasn't leaving the house. However he realized after shoveling that it just wasn't worth going out there & possibly getting into an accident. So he called his guys & told everyone to stay home--YAY!! I've told him time & time again that he NEEDS a snowblower but he's got nowhere to store it & just sucks it up. Later on our next door neighbor came over with his snowblower & did the other half of the driveway.....thank you cookies were sent over!

You can't even see the pathway to our front door!The backyard doesn't look as bad...but if you look close the middle swing is buried under snow.This wasn't shoveled at all. It was the wind!! It made these crazy snowdrifts.

So it's a good day to stay in & play. Love it when we're snowed in & everyone's home!

Stay warm!

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~Patty~ said...

OMG so pretty. We got about 3 inches in NC, but nothing like that. Amazing :)

Originally from FL so this is cray to me. LOL.