Saturday, December 18, 2010

Annual Family Christmas Party

Tonight my side of the family got together for our annual Christmas party. Every year we switch who gets hosting duties & this year we were at my Aunt & Uncle's house. Between my Father & Uncle (missing are 2 more uncles & 4 more cousins) there are 8 cousins (just 5 of us there tonight), then there are our kids which currently come out to 13 1/2 kids.

Got that??
There'll be a quiz later on.

The kids have fun running around playing together & the grown ups get some time to catch up. After a delicious dinner, the kids want to open their grab-bag gifts, but we make them wait until we get some pics. Bribery at it's best. Here we are, my sisters Marie & Chet, my cousin Maria & me.

Before we call it a night we manage to get everyone together for a group pic. I think this one is going to be framed. We had a great time!

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