Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Merry Christmas to All!!

Had a little bit of a late night last night between all the cleaning up & the last few presents that needed wrapping. So the kids let me sleep later this morning while waiting patiently to open their presents.

They know the drill...before opening presents they need to have their pic taken in front of the tree.The girls have been asking for new comforter sets but instead of the polka dot ones they wanted I found ones with OWLS--they were a HUGE HIT!!There were a lot of Owl gifts this year. And I was lucky to find owl wrapping paper at Target. Of course all the owl gifts were wrapped in that paper....and Marissa figured out the theme! Nothing gets past her!Dolls still hold a fascination for Gianna. She's still into Strawberry Shortcake, which brings back so many memories for the scented dolls! ;)These Harumika fashion dolls are huge with the girls. It's a mannequin that comes with fabrics & you create fashion styles for them. This Rapunzel doll from "Tangled" tortured me. Within minutes of taking it out of the package Gianna manged to tangle the hair. I did my motherly duty & de-tangled it only to have it brought back to me in 5 mins all tangled back up. GRRRR....I un tangled it again but then braided its hair by hand (not the stinkin machine that tangled it) & told her to leave it that way.

There's no pics of me opening presents of course. Joe had been teasing me with hints about something he got me that "I've been asking him for", that for the life of me could not figure it out. Turns out he got me a "P-Touch".

Do you hear crickets?

Um, yep I've asked him to bring home his p-touch from work so I could BORROW it but didn't really want my own. Don't get me wrong the organizer in me will use it.

Then he brings out another box....

It's the iPad! The other gift was just to throw me off! Now I didn't ask for either thing but I'm pretty darn happy with my gifts. LOL! He was sure that I was going to smack him with the p-touch!

Joe got a new coat, & a load of DVDs. He was a happy camper

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!

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