Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Every year we celebrate Christmas Eve at my house. This is when we all swap presents between my sisters & Joe's Dad. It's not a lot of people but it's still a housefull. I make appetizers & have the meal catered then serve it all buffet style.

During it all my sisters & I take pictures....TONS of pictures! I even managed to get in a few.
We managed to get some pictures of all the kids in front of the tree. Of course we had to tell them they couldn't open presents until we took'd think they'd know the routine by now!! Then we got our annual "Sister" picture.

When it was finally time to open presents we sort out all the gifts & give each kid their pile of gifts.Then we torture them even more by taking MORE pics first!!Finally at the end of the night I managed to get a family pic in front of the tree.
Of course we can't go to bed without leaving out cookies & milk for Santa! The girls quickly got into their Christmas jammies & made sure to leave a nice sample of cookies & carrots for Santa & his reindeer.

Then it's off to dream about the goodies Santa might bring!

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Carla said...

awww...great pics Sara!!! they turned out great and I love the family pic!Gorgeous!