Wednesday, December 8, 2010

4th Grade Holiday Show

Tonight was Marissa's 4th grade Holiday concert at school. We managed to get a good seat right up front where she told us to sit.

The kids had a choice of wearing red or green with black pants. Of course I had plenty of red tops for her (it was her favorite color for awhile) but she wanted to wear GREEN. Didn't get the greatest pics. Either Marissa was turned to the music teacher or the girl in glasses would step ahead of her & block her.They sang 9 songs & throughout the songs some kids would read an introduction or play an instrument of some sort. Marissa played on the tambourine for "A Hanukkah Dance".
Here she is with her BFF Ariel. It was a good show. They were all so cute & sounded good too! So proud of her!

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