Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some Rambling While I Countdown!

Um yeah, so I lied about sharing the mini album I promised to share today. I really, really had every intention of posting the album but I never got around to taking pics of it. You know what? I don't know where today went!

I was tweaking the album, looking at pages deciding whether or not they needed "something". That took some time, since I'm not the quickest when it comes to making descions...just ask Joe, he'll be glad to tell ya!

Then my CK Sept. KOTM Baby kits came in. I HAD to break open those suckers & play! I organized them all & put them into the girls albums (w/o pics). I had the serious urge to tear apart all of Marissa's baby LO's that I've got done & start over!! I had just started scrapping when I scrapped those & I look at them now & say "WTH?" There will be re-do's in my future.

Another reason why I didn't get to take pics of the album was Gianna. From the moment she got home she was asking me to bake cupcakes. I told her over & over that I wouldn't but she would not get over it! I offered her the brownies from Saturday's party but she refused! Can you say "STUBBURN"?? She would get distracted a bit, then you'd hear

"I want cupcakes!"

Over & over & OVER!! All I can say is my afternoon was a tad frusterating dealing with a 4 year old. ***SIGH***

In case you lost track of time....1 month from today, just 30 days from now!!

I will not be blogging.
I will not be scrapping.
I will not be cooking.
I will not be around.

Wanna know where I'll be?

At the theaters, watching this.....

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

glad to hear that you got yours...i'm still waiting on my 1...wish i had order ones for the other two and i *might* but the shipping is so freakin' outrageous.

did you make cupcakes afterall??? i've been begged recently to make brownies.

i need to get invites for g's paty done...umm, before the party on the 1st...oops!!

i hope to be at the theater, too. we'll see what happens.