Saturday, October 4, 2008


Remember how just the other night I sent Joe into the dreaded crawl space to get the Halloween decorations? Well tonight I sent him back in not once but twice!!

See yesterday I realized that I never dug out Marissa's winter 4T hand-me-down clothes for Gianna. The weather is no longer cooperating & the girls won't be wearing anymore cute capri pants. **SIGH**

So I told Joe how I am losing my mind & that he needs to go back because I'm a nin-com-poop. Well he agreed on both parts & tonight he went into the crawl space & dug around for the 4T clothes. Only problem??

He couldn't find them!!

After hunting around a few more boxes calling out labels to me & me rejecting them, we head upstairs to the attic. Wouldn't you know it? We found nothing up there!!! Now we're frustrated & confused......& head back to the crawl space.

We're thinking maybe I labeled a box wrong. He pulls some boxes out for me to examine & I look inside only to find the boxes labeled correctly. Wanna know what we did next??

We went back to the attic!!

We did the same thing, opening boxes to make sure it's all labeled correctly. Wanna know what we found? The boxes were all labeled correctly. We can't find 4T Winter clothes ANYWHERE!!

So problem #1? We had planned to go Pumpkin Picking tomorrow.

Problem #2? Gianna has nothing to wear that reaches her ankles.

Joe said I'll have to go shopping tomorrow (no problem there), but I KNOW those clothes MUST be in this house!!

Clothes?? Where are you??? Come out come out where ever you are!!!


laura vegas said...

that is too funny! kids clothes are the one thing that i really HATE to organize! lol! although my girls wear exactly the same size (even though one is 9 and one is 12) ... so we never even have hand me downs. i just hate storing stuff ... in the hope that it'll fit next season. and then it doesn't fit ... and i've saved it for nothing. lol!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

what a pain in the arse!!! i've had the same issue recently finding g's old baby clothes for baby a! i just went through them all and washed them right before he was born...NOW i can't find the 9months + clothing!!! UGH!!!! i thought i put ALL the clothes up to 12 months in his drawers...i can't find the pjs either! and that's really bothering me, because i don't want to go shopping and i KNOW that i have it...i must have thrown it in the boxes by accident!!