Monday, October 20, 2008

A Quickie!

Ya gotta have time for a "quickie" right? ;P Since I haven't been much of a blogger lately, I wanted to pop in a minute. Just for a minute since my cordless keyboard STILL needs new batteries & is driving me CRAZY with all the typos that I feel compelled to correct!

So remember the CTMH party I was having on Saturday?

The one that I was cleaning the house all week for??

Yeah THAT one!

Well about an hour & a half before the demonstrator was supposed to be at my house, she called to say she had death in her family & would have to reschedule. She was so upset & I felt so bad for her. Now part of me was excited that I could cancel the party & sit home & scrap. But then I realized I had bought all this food & the house was clean, so I called everyone (all 8 people) to tell them what was going on & also that the party was ON! My sister Marie brought her kids & hubby, my sister Chet brougt my mom, my friend Connie was bringing her 3 kids either way since she had no sitter & all the kids were in their glory. So were the guys since they watched "Iron Man".

We ate, drank, gossiped, basically had fun (without the scrapping) so it wasn't a total wash out. And no I didn't take a single pic!!

During last week in my quest to clean the house for the party I was also determined to finish up the Disney christmas ornament mini abum. I would steal a few minutes here & there to work on a LO when I could. It was down to the wire & I had all but 2 LO's done. So CLOSE!! But I forgave myself & moved on...namely in the direction of the stove since it desparetly needed a good cleaning!!

Now all this rambling (so much for a quickie!) is to tell you that I intend to post that album sometime tomorrow since I have it done & ready for the next time I attempt to host a crop!


laura vegas said...

glad you kept the party ... sounds like you had a great time! one should never waste a clean house. lol!

jill said...

sounds like everything worked out!

btw, I couldn't resist add my .02 on the edward post :)

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

any excuse for a party is a good one;0)