Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween Banner

Since I'm so easily enabled.....I figured I'd try my hand at a Halloween banner.

So I took a break from the Disney Christmas ornament mini album, that I started after I finished the Christmas ornament mini album, that I started when I needed a break from the Disney album I was working on to start on this.

I seem to have a problem seeing things through huh?

Gotta work on that.

After taking these pics I noticed the banner wasn't centered in the window. It's been bugging me since & I WLL be fixing that!

Got the idea for the glass ornament from someone on 2Peas (sorry I don't remember her name) {ETA: I got the glass ornament idea from this Pea here} . They're in the Christmas aisle & they come 6 in a pack. You just pour in paint (I used MM acrylic paint), swirl it around, & pour out the excess. They came out so shiny! ((Sorry I was going to make a sarcastic dirty joke here but don't want to scare anyone off--just use your imagination if you feel the need))

I used some old paper from "All My Memories" (sorry can't find a link) & various fibers & ribbons that I found in my stash.

I also used the fibers to tie on some plastic spiders at various lengths. Unfortunately they don't show up that well in these pics.

The letters are MM Shimmer Jigsaw alpha--love those!! Used the Marvy Uchida Xtra Giga scalloped circle punch--love that thing!!
I ended up going through 2 spools of ribbon & almost all of the fiber I had---makes me feel good to actually USE my stash instead of just hording it! Now to finish those other albums.....


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love's on my list...i did make a copy of little yellow bicycle's (?) haunted house's got paper, just need the pics and the embellishments added.

i like your balls, too;0) how much paint do you think you used? i have some of those clear balls that i have been hoarding for about 4 years at least...

Kendalls Mom 3 said...

This is really cute and creative!!! I'm the same way about starting a project. I get halfway and then I need a change. You did a great job here.

Creative Junkie said...

this is seriously cute! sigh. we never decorate for Halloween. We do our pumpkins, but that's about it. ((hanging my head in shame))

Inga's 8th day of the week said...

Wow! this is cute stuff. I think I know where you "scraplifted" the idea. It had a lot of tags & ribbon bows. I think your banner is streamlined a bit (totally okay!)



laura vegas said...

this is so cute sara! neat idea to use the paint inside the ornaments ... i thought you had just bought them like that. lol! and i had to laugh about how you started another project ... to get away from the previous project ... which was started to take a break from another project. lol!

Heather Ruwe said...

oh, i love this banner! Too Cute! i'm just like you...i start something before i finish something else! :)

Tamera said...

This is adorable! It really made me want to make one but I have not time to do anything just for fun these days. I need to quit teaching scrapping and actually get to do some of my own!