Sunday, October 5, 2008

Call off the Dogs!!

The stray 4T Winter clothes have been found!! They have been FOUND!!

(doing a happy dance)

Wanna know where they were hiding??


I thought about it over & over again last night, after typing up the last post. Thinking, pondering their whereabouts. The only logical answer was the crawl space.

I did some research {in the form of my pics of Marissa at 4 years old} & looking at those clothes there was NO WAY I'd donate them. I was POSITIVE they were in the crawl space!! However I was second guessing my organizational skills & thought maybe, just maybe I might have labeled them wrong.


This morning after talking it over with Joe, he agreed that I was crazy. He also threw in there that I was slacking in my organizational skills & we went off to the crawl space. He was rummaging around & bringing out some containers for me to examine, when I realized I needed to see for myself.

I hesitantly climbed in the dreaded, creepy, dark, damp, spider-infested, dirty, horrifying, disgusting, gross, icky, eerie, gloomy, dull, shadowy, dank, CRAWL SPACE!!!

Yes I did!! I faced my fears!!

Wanna know what I discovered??

A SPIDER!! ick! ick! ick!!! gross!! gross!! gross!!

Joe was surprised beyond belief that I was in there. Shocked might be a better word. There was no way that I was crawling on my hands & knees on concrete though. I have my dignity!! {{snicker snort snicker }} Just imagine me in there, hunched over & using leg muscles I forgot I had, to support myself as upright as I could get. Yeah I must've looked glamorous.

So there we were opening up containers that were labeled 18 months, figuring maybe, just maybe I labeled it wrong. Nothing. 2T? Nothing. Finally, I spotted a box & Joe looks over & the light bulb came on!!


I KNEW I wasn't losing my mind...entirely!!

So we found the box & I hightailed it outta that place!! My legs were cramping up!! I told Joe to never expect me in there again! This was strictly a once in a lifetime thing.

Now I'm doing laundry, & I am a happy momma. My daughter will have warm clothes to wear tomorrow.....

and I got a workout on my legs!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

NO WAY IN HELL, i'd go under there...icky!! glad you found the clothes! no luck here!