Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

What a day!! The girls were in their glory, all dressed up, everyone telling them how pretty they looked. And they got CANDY too! What more can a girl want??

People telling them how pretty they are & getting CHOCOLATE!! A girl's dream!!

True to form, Marissa changed her mind & was Princess Belle from Beauty & the Beast. She looked so grown up!! The term "Duchess" popped in my head when I looked at her.

Here she is walking in her school parade.

Gianna was hanging out with me until Joe could pick her up to take her to her school parade/party. I had to wait till Marissa got out of school then race over there & luckily we made it! She stayed with the Ariel costume, she knew what she wanted & couldn't wait to show her friends.

Here she is walking in her parade. She was the only Ariel in her class (there were 4 Cinderella's). My 1st attempt at a sister shot. Marissa kept bopping Gianna with her wand --sisterly love.Such a little princess....Here we are at home ready to head out for candy!! Gianna ditched the wig before we left which was good since I didn't get stuck carrying it.

And the model poses again...

My favorite pic? This one.....


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Mary Mac said...

Aren't they so sweet?! I can't wait to dress Sadie in princess costumes! Well, that is, if she wants to be a princess!