Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Snow

We got more snow, and since we have nothing planned, it's a perfect day to finish packing up the Christmas decorations and get them into the crawl space.


Time to get the basement back to normal and more efficient. As always there's more to clear out. Might have to enlist the girls to help me with their things. There are loads of un-used toys that need to be packed or given away. I know with Marissa especially, that she hates to part with things and sometimes that's ok. We'll pack those things up and put them in storage. Other things however must go. Some to the trash and some to Goodwill. 

As of last night, I finished our Disney trip in Project Life!  I pushed through it & cant wait to catch up with the rest of the year.  Now to get some decent light & take pics of those pages to share....

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