Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Happenings

Mondays for me are pretty routine.  Food shopping is usually on the agenda.  That's one of my least favorite chores.  I have it down to about an hour and I know that's not long but I just don't like it.

After rushing to put all the food away, I made it to my annual eye Dr appt.  This is another thing I'm not crazy about but only because I don't like getting my eyes dilated.  It gives me a major headache that lasts all day.  Not fun.  However, I do like my Dr.  He explains things to you in plain English, and is just a nice guy.  Luckily, he said he has a new machine that will do the same thing for the dilating part without the drops that give me a headache!  I had to pay extra for it but I consider it completely worth it!!  Add to that, he had me try new contact lenses that were even more comfortable than my last lenses AND for filling out a survey, he gave me a Starbucks giftcard.  NICE!

When I hang out in my scraproom, the puppies have the option of laying on a bed or the couch (tough life, I know!).  Lately they've been wandering a little. I had thought Riley was sleeping in my bathroom, but couldn't find her.  Knowing the doors were closed and she was just hiding, I kept calling her name.  In the end, Piper lead me to her.  She was napping in the closet, under Joe's shirts!  

You can hardly see her!

She must've been sleeping soundly, since she just laid there and after a little love from me, she went back to sleep.  Too funny!

I spotted this fox at the jug handle by my house today.  I've never seen one that close up!  It was feasting on the dead deer that must've been hit by a car (GROSS).  I can't wait to show Gianna since she is all about "What does the fox say?"

That's my Monday.  I gets wild and crazy around here! LOL!

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