Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bread Making Birthday Celebration

During our annual Christmas get together with our cousins, my sister Marie, and I talked about how making bread/pizza intimidated us.  My cousin Maria has made her own bread and pizza for awhile so we made a plan to get together for a bread making lesson.  We all got together at my house and my cousin did most of the work.  The best part was even the kids got involved, mostly the older ones, but it's all good!

We made 4 pizza doughs, and 2 bread doughs, there were 13 of us, so we had to plenty to go around.  We made 3 pizzas, Hawaiian, Cheese, and caramelized onion.  We made a sausage/pepperoni with caramelized onion bread, and 2 loaves of Honey Wheat bread.  It was all so good!

Of course, no get together would be complete without a picture!

The bread was devoured with butter while it was still warm.  So good!

The pizzas were fantastic.

After we were all nice and stuffed, we ended the night celebrating my sister Marie's birthday.

It was a fun night. Our next plan?  Pasta night!!  LOL!

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Jossie Michel said...

that is so awsome and fun! The bread and pizza look yummy!!!!