Monday, January 20, 2014

Shopping Haul

Seems crazy to be out shopping for new goodies just after purging some old supplies, but I swear I was good!

I went primarily for some white cardstock that I use for all of us.  Joe's work needs signs, the girls' homework, they all use my cardstock!  I couldn't help drool over some of these goodies.

That's mostly what I did though, drool.  I just came home with these.  Wood veneers?  I'm a sucker!  Plus the mustache ones are really for Gianna-she's obsessed!  

Later while checking Instagram, I found Staples was running an awesome deal on photo paper. BOGO free?  You bet I turned off the stove (I was cooking dinner) and ran to my nearest Staples!  

Apparently, I get all my news from Instagram.  LOL!!

My ferocious attack dog guards me well as I IG my score from Staples....I love her.

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