Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pizza Round Two

Ever since we had our "pizza class" the other day, I've been itching to make it on my own.  I didn't get to do a lot with everyone over that time, but I watched as I ran around doing things.  I looked up THIS recipe on Pinterest and got to work.

When it came time to actually put the pizza together, the girls wanted to help.  I try to always get them involved in the kitchen when possible.  ESPECIALLY if they want to!

Gianna helped make the cheese pizza, since that's what she'll be eating.

Marissa got to work on the Hawaiian pizza.  "Testing" the ham and pineapple along the way to assure quality goodness. 

In the end, I made some mental notes on what I'd change up a little for next time but all in all it came out fantastic!

I even made a pepperoni bread--super yummy!

Trying to change up dinners around here so it's not always the same things all the time.  Just need to break Joe's opinion on crock-pot cooking....he's not a huge fan.

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