Friday, January 17, 2014

7th Grade Dance

Tonight was Marissa's 7th grade dance.  Nothing formal, just fun.

She had a blast and said she danced the entire time!  I'm so happy to hear that!  I had to ask her why I never see her dance around the house at all, but in true teenager form, she wouldn't answer. *sigh*  I guess I'll just settle with her letting me take her picture after she got home.  She was so hyper and happy and that makes me happy.

She couldn't resist playing with the puppies when she got home.  Piper is the easiest puppy and will let you do almost anything to her if it means she has your attention. (She's a sucker for her ears and tummy rubbed)

She's a cool puppy

Piper got "lei'd".

Yes we amuse ourselves, but it's harmless.  Piper loved the attention.

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