Monday, February 11, 2013


Jumping back to Christmas just a bit with a layout.  I was on a scrapping slump and needed a mojo boost.  Nothing was coming to mind.  I had no inspiration, but I had pictures.  I had these four pictures on my desk that I had to re print when the size printed "off" a bit at first.  I didn't want to toss them so I set them aside.

Since I couldn't think of anything original, I just decided to repeat a lift I've done.  Follow?  I used updated pictures and changed things up a bit.

I also used sequins for the first time on a layout.  I forgot I had all these snowflake sequins and felt the layout needed something so I tossed some on.

Since being caught up with Project Life, I've been trying to get back to normal scrapping.  I don't want PL to be all consuming.  It should be a quick weekly project, and I need to remember that.  Last year I spent too much time catching up with it all the time.  I enjoy making 12x12 layouts.  I have a notebook FULL of randomly printed pics that I need to put in albums.  I want to have a few completed albums for the girls....that's right none of my albums are complete.  I tend to jump around in my scrapping so there are large gaps in the albums.  This year I plan on catching up with those albums a bit. 

I want to re-live those memories. 

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Crystal said...

I feel the same way about project life. I want to just spend a little bit of time on it per week and then maybe do about 5 12x12 layouts/week.