Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stitch By Stitch

Last year for my birthday, two of my sisters got me a seeing machine after hearing me talk about one for a loooong time. I guess they got the hint....or just wanted to shut me up!

I tried it out a few times but never had any luck threading the darn thing. I thought I followed the directions but I would always have problems when I sewed something. I think the bobbin was a problem...I couldn't get it to work for the life of me. So I just stashed the machine away.

I would think about things I'd like to try with it from time to time, but never had it in me to try. Last night I was working on Project Life and needed to walk away to get a better perspective. Something made me pull out the machine and pull up some tutorials on you tube. I finally figured out what was wrong, and got it to stitch right! I had a scrap of fabric that I stitched to bits to make sure it was ok. Then I got down to business!

I trimmed down a page protector to 3x4, then stitched 3 sides together. I filled it with sequins, micro beads, tiny hearts and glitter then stitched the top closed. Success!!! I was so happy to finally get it to work and be able to use it!

I must admit to getting a little crazy (it was early morning hours by now) and I took a bunch of wash cloths from the girls bathroom and stitched them together...just 'cause I could. I can't wait to give it a try on paper! Nothing is safe from my machine now!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Love that little pocket of sparkle!! It looks great!

Jossie Michel said...

Hi there Jossie from instagram! Im dying for a sewing machine but i know it will sit around with al my other craft goodies. I love your blog layout - super cute!