Sunday, February 10, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week F I V E

Week F I V E!  Here we go! 

I decided to make the week card in Valentine-ish colors, I think I'll do it for the whole month.  We'll see how that goes.

I noticed lately that my pics were mostly of random things.  While that's OK, I want my family in it more.  I tried explaining this to the girls the other day, since they are tired of having a camera in their face all the time.  ***SIGH*** 

This week ended up being a one page spread with a small insert for the weekend.

Saturday I ended up with a lot of pics I wanted to include.  Found this great tutorial on Pinterest on how to make a collage from your phone prints that you can print 4x6.  Love the ease of it!  I added an old tag to the top to cover the back from the other side.  As I was going through some embellishments, I realized how many I have and need to PURGE!!  Pulled out a hand full and set them aside, though I need to do a real purge soon.

The top pocket is of some happy mail I received on Sunday, since we forgot to get the mail on Saturday.  It was too cute not to include...especially the packaging from one of them.  Couldn't include it in the pocket so I arranged it to stick out from the top (hence the label on the other side to cover staples).

Now to start Week SIX!!

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Anonymous said...

Love it!! I need to get mine photographed and put on my blog!!