Monday, February 4, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week One

Drawing out the weeks I have done in an effort to have more to blog about.  Makes sense right??

Last year, I kept my weeks more to one page protector.  Using mostly Iphone pics & printing things wallet size or Instagram size in the hopes that my album would be manageable.  Not a chance.  I had so many inserts (especially of our Disney vacation) that I ended up with 2 albums.  This year I'm just winging it.  If I have lots of pics I'll just do two pages.  Go with the flow, I say.  With that said, you know this week was a two pager, right??

I had the hardest time taking pics with both my iphone and regular camera so this is as good as it's gonna get. 

I think my favorite part is doing the week card.  I like having fun with it.  I make the card using whatever catches my eye at the moment.  I don't plan my pages either and often have extra pics from printing too many. This week I didn't have a ton of extra pics but I had more than would fit in one page protector so I went with it and used some filler cards. 

I find myself drawn to hot pink & aqua colors more.  Not sure why but I like it.  Even chose the aqua albums from WRMK for this year.  So pretty!

I guess you might say that I'm taking a more relaxed approach to Project Life this year.  Have fun with it and do what makes you happy!  I may chant this over and over when I over think things...just sayin!


laura t. said...

Looking good. I saw those aqua albums - love the color.

Crystal said...

I love your week one!!! Looks great!!!