Saturday, February 2, 2013

Project Life 2013

I wasn't sure when I decided to do Project Life again for the new year...but I realized I had fun doing it, so I just did it. When the new kits were announced, I feel in love with the Seafoam kit.  I wanted it, but I also realized how little I used of the Cherry Edition.  I often found the designs in the way of how I wanted to use the kit so I held off on buying a new kit.  As I thought about it, I found myself reaching for papers in my stash & trimming it to fit what I needed.  That's when I decided to have fun and use what I have.  One night I pulled out a stack of papers and trimmed them down to 4x6.  I figure if I need some 3x4 I could just cut them in half.  Easy peasy!  I bought some of the Echo Park papers that caught my eye & downloaded some free printables over time.  My stash is pretty set....especially in the washi department, but that's another story!

As I scoured Pinterest, randomly of course, I came across THIS storage system for Project Life. On my next Target run I found the organizer & it works almost perfectly.  I say almost perfectly since I tend to over stuff it, but that's just me.

The next issue I had was sharing.  Not that I didn't want to share, but just how I wanted to share my pages.  Last year I shared my pages by month.  Waiting until the month was complete to share.  This year I'm hoping to get them blogged as I have them done...starting now.  I am caught up and just have to do this week!  So in the interest of having something more current on the blog I'll be sharing my pages more often.

With that all said, here is my cover page.....It was heavily influenced by THIS page & THIS page I saw on Pinterest.

This is my favorite part.

The sad part of doing Project Life for me has been since I've been caught up, I have no ideas on how to scrapbook "normal" again.  I started a page three times before I was slightly happy with it.  THREE TIMES PEOPLE!!  I'm sure my mojo will come but I've felt like I'm wasting time.  I even cleaned the house hoping the lack of feeling guilty would help the ideas flow.  Go figure.  Wish me luck!


Deneen said...

Love this and may have to use a bit of it for my title page. I am using the original project life kit (they now call it the Cherry edition) I am not too keen on it so I will be adding some of my own stash to it as well and some of my digital stuff as well.

Anonymous said...

I love the state die cut you included and the family!!