Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week 2

Week Two turned out to be another two page spread, but I like the fun I'm able to have with it.  I can add a lot more of the filler cards that I've collected over time.  I'm really having fun changing things up and not following the same pattern every week.  Call me a rebel!! ;)

The cute calendar card is a free printable from Finding Nana's Blog.  So pretty IRL.

The top portion of this page are both flip cards.  Friday had a lot of pics I wanted to include without making it look busy.  Once again I thank Barbara for the great idea!

I included a screen shot of tweet from my twitter feed, saying how Gianna wanted my scrapbooks when I die.  LOL!  Still makes me laugh....and wonder if she knows something I don't!!

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Crystal said...

Great idea with using the flip ups to include more pictures!