Friday, November 2, 2012

We're OK

Checking in to say we're ok. The storm was brutal. Extremely windy and we lost power for good at 7pm Monday, after it toyed with us a few times.

No damage to our house, but around town I've seen some people with tree damage. It's depressing, but puts things in perspective a bit. Yeah we don't have power but we are ok. We have a gas fireplace in the family room that keeps us warm and a wood burning fireplace in our bedroom that keeps us cozy at night. Joe lit the water heater so we have hot showers. It's not horrible.

We heat up soup on the stove and eat a lot of peanut butter but two nights ago we found Fuddruckers had power and have been eating there the last two nights. We're ok. Milkshakes help.

Today I'm going to venture out to Target to get some more staple supplies (Play-dough is a must!). I plan on killing some time there let the girls plan their Christmas lists and pretend things are normal.

During the day it's not so bad. The nights are the problem. We go upstairs to our bedroom light a fire and play card games, War being a favorite. We listen to the news on a battery operated radio an wait until we're tired enough to fall asleep. I sorta feel like "Laura Ingalls", going to sleep so early! The girls are sleeping in the room with us. We layered lots of blankets on the floor and they like their little "nest". I don't sleep well waking up during the night to make sure they're ok an covered up. Then I wake up early.

Last night the street behind ours got their power back. A few other areas got power back too, so I go around occasionally and test the lights to see if the light fairy granted my wish (I've been sleeping with a flashlight under my pillow).

My kids haven't had school all week and even they can't wait to go back. They aren't happy about missing another Halloween but there was no choice. Supposedly, the state will make up the night for the kids when it's safe. I tell them it's ok, and we have to make the most of it. They understand but they're just kids.

Most importantly, WE'RE OK.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you're okay and that you didn't sustain any damage. Hopefully the power will be back on soon!