Monday, November 12, 2012

12 on 12 November

Is this really November's 12 on 12? Is there really just one month left to this year?  It flew by a lot faster than I like. 

On my way to Shop Rite there was crazy dense fog.  Very hard to see through in some areas.

Did a little damage today.  Got clothes for everyone but me.  I'm keeping the Kohl's cash for myself!

Still re-stocking the fridge & freezer.  Today has been a total errand day.

Still catching up on laundry.  Grateful to be able to do it from home instead of lugging it to a laundromat, which I thought I was going to do during the power outage.

She's modeling the clothes I got her today.  She loved them all!  Not all clothes should be hand-me-downs.  She needs some new items that are just hers.

Needed an afternoon pick me up.  So tired and no time for a nap.

Under attack from fruit flies.  Trying out a trap I found on Pinterest.  Hoping it works, since they're bugging me. HA!


Making flash cards to help Marissa study for her vocabulary test.  These words are hard for sixth graders!

 Re-discovered some never been used fun stamps for my Project Life album.

All ready for bed.  She really needs a room makeover.  She looks too tiny in her bed.

Spent some time printing pics for Project Life while having gummi bears.  I eat the red ones first since they're my least favorite, saving the yellow & green for last.

Filling in pages of my 30 Days of Thanks mini album.  Keeping it very simple just so I can keep up with it.  I don't have a lot of time to get fancy with it right now.

This month was hard.  I was so busy with normal, boring stuff that towards the end of the day I realized I wasn't close to having my 12 pics.  It was a very boring Monday.

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