Sunday, November 4, 2012

Still Waiting

Still without power. Sitting in the dark, all 4 of us piled up on my bed. The girls are bickering, who's touching who, who's bored, etc.

This whole without power thing is OLD. I'm beyond being over it. I won't lie, some days are ok and others are downright depressing. The simplest thing could set me off in tears. Phone call from the school saying there won't be school again tomorrow had me tearing up.

Yes I know we don't have it real bad. We have the fireplaces to keep us warm. We have a roof over our heads. Some people don't have anything. I feel bad for them. No, actually, I feel awful for them. I know some people lost EVERYTHING. My sisters friend had her house flood and her house is destroyed. She is homeless and staying with relatives. I am thankful that we survived this storm unscathed. We aren't close to the shore where there is so much devastation. Our house shook HARD that night the storm hit, we had some small to mid-size branches fall around our house, but our house is fine. I try to remember that we don't have it nowhere near as bad as some people do but it's hard. I'm not perfect.

It would be nice to have an idea of when we might get power.I've heard rumors that we'll get it back Wednesday but I'm not sure. More parts of our town got power back so i stay hopeful. Whenever we come back to the house after being out I cross my fingers that the power magically came on while we were out but so far nothing.

Trying not to give up hope. Spent some time in my scrap room today while the sun was shining and put together a "Thankful" mini album. It was very therapeutic. Joe took the girls out to his shop for some work & recharge our devices & I got some uninterrupted creative time. I needed that. I'm thankful for that.

With candles burning, I'm still waiting.

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