Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another Day Without Power

Yesterday before heading out to vote, I got a text from a parent at Gianna's school asking me if I got power back. Turns out she did as well as a few other streets near us. I got very hopeful that our power would be restored.

I went off to vote, then took the girls to the library for some new books. I immediately tried the light switches praying they would work, but they didn't. I didn't lose hope. I figured it was a good time to clean the fridge so I can just re-stock it once the power comes back, and got to work. I only managed to get the fridge done before running out of daylight, but now I was losing hope. It didn't help when I got a call telling me where to go if I needed shelter in the new storm that's coming. I figured if we got that message then we were not getting power.

I'm very cranky at this point. Maybe cranky isn't even a strong enough word. I think it'd be safe to say I'm pissed off. I keep telling myself that we're ok and we still have a roof over our heads but its hard when we see houses behind us fully light up, glowing with power. Joe heard we might not get power back until Friday. Lets hope not for my sanity!!!

Our town has 5 schools altogether. And as of yesterday 4 of them got power back. So today schools were open for those schools. Meaning Marissa finally went back to school today but Gianna is staying home with me.

I'll be working on cleaning the freezer today. Then I have plans to play scrabble with Gianna, until pick up time for Marissa.

Running out of patience....

I'm sorry, I'm venting.


Valerie said...

I'm so sorry you and your family are still going through this Sara. It's just unbelievable to me. I'm sending thoughts and prayers for you guys and hope you power is back on today! Will be thinking about you :)

~Patty~ said...

gah. I hope it comes on soon.