Thursday, November 29, 2012

Project Life October 2012

After waiting for some time and decent lighting I finally gave up and took these with my iPhone, at night.  Work with me.

I stuck to all my tricks for playing with Project Life: Washi tape, stamps and letter stickers. 
Simple. Simple. Simple.

My 12on12 for October.

Those top two cards happen to be my favorite on this page....if I do say so myself.

I had a ton of pics from the pumpkin patch (of course) so I narrowed it down to my favorites for the insert.

I like how this page turned out.  I think it has to do something to do with the stamps. I must say I am in LOVE with Kelly Purkey's stamp sets!!  She nails it every time!

This page was hard to do.  Re-living the days through the storm when we had no power for 9 days.  I didn't think it would be hard but it was.  I guess living in the dark can affect a person.  I have a bunch more pics from those days but I think I'll add them in an insert as part of the next month.

Got the idea for this card from Barbara on Instagram. 

I had a few pics that told the story but wouldn't all fit together on the insert so I turned it into a card like Barbara does. She is a genius!

On these two cards I used some Knock Knock sticky notes.  So fun and perfect for these!

I'm now working on November, but its been slow going with Thanksgiving and lately Marissa has a ton of homework that keeps her up late.  I try to keep her focused and help with what I can.  I wish she didn't have to stay up so late with that much homework, but she gets great grades so I'm not complaining much.  I'm hoping to work more of it this weekend as well as get the house decorated (finally) for Christmas....wish me luck!!

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