Monday, June 28, 2010

School's OUT!!!

As I type that I keep hearing the song from High School Musical in my head. LOL!!

Gianna had her last day on Friday. Since the last 2 days of school are 1/2 days they swap the AM & PM classes so the AM class's last day is Monday with the rest of the school. Gianna actually lucked out with that.....sorta....since we still had to be up to take Marissa to school today for her last day.

But now it's over!!!

This is a pic of Gianna's classroom as their teacher was handing all the kids a shovel & pail for summer fun. This was bittersweet...we found out that morning that their teacher is being transferred to one of the other schools in town to teach 1st grade. She was tearing up at dismissal. I'm not sure the kids understood it but the parents did & there was a lot of tearing up....

I'm so done with the craziness of these 1/2 day classes of Kindergarten. It really breaks up the day, taking one to school then going to work with Gianna then rushing home to change her into school clothes & lunchtime, then taking her to school only to go back at 3. Luckily next they will both be in school full time in the Fall!!

Took this real quick after school. It's Marissa, her BFF Ariel & her brother Donovan (he didn't want to be in the pic) LOL!! I can't seem to wrap my head around Marissa going into 4th grade. She's almost done with this school then it'll be off to middle school. Yeah I know it's still 2 years away but it goes so fast!!
So now Summer is officially here for us. It seems like it took forever to get here!! Looking forward to (somewhat) lazy days! Bring on the sunscreen!!!

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