Saturday, June 26, 2010

Monster party for a Girlie-Girl

Makes sense right? If you know Gianna then you'll understand. She is a girlie girl in every way. But if you cross her then the "boy" in her comes out!! So WATCH OUT!!

She has wanted her birthday party at Monster Mini Golf since the first time Joe took us there. This year she got her wish. I even made her cake look like a Haunted Mansion to fit the theme better. She was thrilled!!Here are the kids all lined up waiting for their turn to hit the ball....The invitation tells people to wear white so they glow in the dark & most kids came prepared!! At the 11th hole they make a big to-do about the birthday child since it's a tough hole to score on....They made her put on these werewolf hands & gave her a special club & glow in the dark ball & "helped" her out a little.She had the best time!!

Thankfully I had to pass my camera off at one point & the lady offered to take a family pic. I got to hold Gianna's game tickets that she was presented at the 11th hole so I was the "mummy".A few hours later we had the family over for cake & coffee....yep you can call me crazy!! I kept it simple though & all she cared about was opening all her presents! Let's be real! LOL!!

While we were waiting for everyone to come over she lost the tooth that she's been wiggling at me, grossing me out for the last few days. We told her we believe the Tooth Fairy doubles the amount she normally leaves when it's your birthday (& that extends to parties). LOL!!For the house I wasn't going to go crazy(er) making another elaborate cake so when I found this in one of my many baking magazines I figured it was easy enough (and it was). Her new favorite color is yellow so I made that as the main color & the handle is from airheads candy that I warmed in the microwave & rolled out then twisted. She loved it!

One of her favorite gifts was the Alice In Wonderland DVD. She has been asking for this since the movie was still in theaters!! She goes around the house yelling "OFF WITH HER HEAD" all the time!! LOL!She was on a birthday high all day & had so much fun! She's a lucky little 6 year old!!


~Patty~ said...

Thats a very cute theme.

Valerie said...

Sara - what a cute party and those cakes are outstanding!! Love that purse cake with the handle. Cake Boss watch out!

Carla said...

happy b-day to your girlie. Her b-day party looks awesome!!