Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brownies No More

Today Marissa's Brownie troop held a "Bridging Up" ceremony. They are now "Jr. Girl Scouts"!!

It was cute. They each read a part in a poem, & sang a couple of songs. Then there was a "jr. girl scout" troop there to help "bridge" them over in becoming "jr. girl scouts".
Now the thing is this, their leaders stepped down & the troop is now leader-less. Unless someone steps in (not me) our troop will have to disband. :(
Most of these girls have been together since Kindergarten. It's sad to think they may not be doing this anymore. But on the other hand I was pretty over the whole Girl Scout thing (yes I know it sounds mean). I know Marissa still wants to do it so we'll have to see what happens.....but don't expect me to change my name to "Troop Leader Sara"!! LOL!!


Suzanne said...

My daughter was also in Girl Scouts, but sadly after she bridged, she was done. I was sad, but I was the volunteer for two years. I could not commit going forward, so I understand my friend!!!(:

Valerie said...

My daughter just bridged to Brownies from Daisies and we were almost in the same predicatment. Last minute the leaders decided to stay.
Hopefully they'll get at least 1 year of Juniors...Sara..Sara..Sara..they're chanting for your Sara! lol