Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3rd Grade Field Trip

This year the 3rd grades went to Ellis Island for their field trip. Actually every year the 3rd graders go to Ellis Island but that's besides the point! ;)

I was lucky enough to be chaperoning & got to hang out with these 3. Here we are waiting to get on the ferry to take us over to the island. Unfortunately we wouldn't be visiting the statue of liberty but we'd be able to see her from the boat.Once in the museum, our tour guide gave us a lot of great information about the island's history. Their teacher had been teaching them about it in class & they were excited to see all the interesting pieces from different countries. All the girls swarmed to these boots as soon as they spotted them. You know how girls are when it comes to shoes!!! ;)

Displayed are things that were left behind in the buildings before they were renovated.

I like seeing all the baking equipment from years ago.......looks like some stuff used today. After everyone had lunch we went to the wall with names of people that came through the island. We brought paper & crayons & made rubbings of the names of people we found from our families. There were a lot of Rossi's there but not much from my side of the family. Still fun to look for.(There's more pics but I don't want to bore anyone.) The whole tour was scheduled perfectly to make sure we'd make the ferry back in time to go back to school. I would have liked to spend more time there but luckily it's not too far that we can't go back.

They also had a display of Barbies dressed from a bunch of countries. Marissa was excited to see the doll from Italy looked like her. ;)This is Marissa's class. All three classes went but each class had their own tour guide.
This is the view we had of the statue from the ferry. We got real close since the ferry had to stop there to pick up more passengers (we just couldn't get off there).

It was a great trip! I'm happy I got to go & spend time with Marissa. I love the one on one times we get to share together. Hard to believe she'll be in 4th grade in Sept. It's going by so fast!!


~Sasha Farina~ said...

OMG>.. you're making me miss ellis island.. i was there xmas of 2000! :D can't believe it was 10 years ago.

Crystal said...

Looks like they had a great time. We're hoping to plan a trip up you way in the next year or so. We'd like to go to DC, NYC, PA and maybe NJ. Noah is so in to history and I think it would be a great trip for that.

Carrie said...

How very neat! I would love to visit Ellis Island. What an experience to be able to find your family's names! :)

laura vegas said...

looks like you both had a great time! and geez, she's looking SO much older these days!