Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Field Day

Today was Field Day at school. Both my girls were on the Green team which made my life easier when I got dressed--only had to wear green & not choose sides! ;) I made sure to get the girls green hair spray--it's like a tradition & this year I was actually well prepared! I made sure to get all different colors so all the kids in class would get covered.

Gianna had to go in the morning & both Kindergarten classes played together. They started earlier than the rest of the school. They did all the basic field day activities.

Potatoe sack raceThe Statue of Liberty race (they had to keep the ball on the cylinder)
Golf/Hockey....she was high sticking it the whole time! ;) At some point I did this to all the kids...well this guy was on the "tie-dye" team so I went a little crazy. ;) LOL!!

When the Kindergarteners were almost done the rest of the school came out. They did the same games but more than Gianna's class.

This is Marissa playing Pig in a Blanket. I noticed after taking these that she runs with her tongue out, just like Gianna does when she's concentrating. Joe concentrates the same way--love it!

Soccer dribbling

There were a lot more games but I'm not going to bore anyone. At the end the kids get treated to ice pops--Now that's a happy girl!

It was such a HOT day & both Gianna & I were out there allllll daaaaayy. By the time we were done we were all ready for a shower.

It was a great day for Field Day....and the best part?? The girls will go right to sleep tonight!!!

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