Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What a Birthday!!

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes!! I think this was my best birthday yet!!

Friday afternoon the girls' school had a "Vocabulary Parade". Which was cute to watch, (read about it here).

Friday night, we went out to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, which was really nice...and the food is really good too! Afterwards we went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D on opening night. The girls (especially Gianna) LOVED it!! It was a good movie but I didn't think the 3D was worth the extra $$, but that's my opinion. I say save your $$ & watch it in 2D or whatever they call the non 3D movies! LOL!!

Then we went home & I got a yummy cannoli cupcake & presents. Joe spoiled me with a CrAzY amount of Slice design cards (OMG!) & gift cards for Michael's from the girls (they owe me pop dots!! LOL!!) I can't wait to play!!

Then on Saturday, my sister Marie, cooked us dinner at her house, with all my favorite foods! Let's just say it was a night of "potatoes"! LOL!! It started out as a joke between us naming all sorts of potato dishes she could make, but when we got to her house she really stuck to the theme!! LOL!

She made homemade potato skins, potato soup (thanks Deneen!!), candied sweet potatoes & her delicious "boredom chicken" (best described by Chicken Marsala, but it's not). I was so full, it wasn't even funny, but I was happy, it was that good!! YUMMM!!

My honey & me.....
Later when I could breathe again (sorta) we had CAKE & opened presents.

Remember the story about my sister, conning me to smear ice cream on my glasses for a $1 & she never paid up? Well there's gotta be a cold, cold place somewhere because it froze over!!Together with a friend of hers they came up with this method of "payment"! LOL!!!
Then her & her family got me this photo/jewelry frame that was on my wish list (thanks to my attentive sister Chet!) And in case you're wondering, it's pretty full already! ;)

I can not thank my family enough for everything they all did! This was a relaxing & fun if I can only teach Gianna how to pronounce 36 correctly & not "46"..........


~Patty~ said...

Happy Be-lated birthday !!!

Carla said...

what a super nice birthday celebration Sara!!!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

very cool...totally agree about the 3d on it. that was kindof a disappointment.

love the vocab parade, that's really cool.

love the b-day card. my "friend", gretchen did the owl, just an fyi. her blog is, tell her that i sent ya, if you didn't already read it.

have a great weekend!!