Sunday, March 21, 2010

Organization: Ribbons

Remember my ribbons??

Then I decided to do this with them. I can not tell you how many hours I spent wrapping all the ribbons! I would tackle a pile during homework time, or while watching my favorite TV shows, any spare time I had! I used to have my ribbons separated in a few ways but wasn't happy with it at all!

Now all my ribbons are together by color! Found the drawers at Target (sorry can't find a link) & they are under my desk which isn't my favorite spot but it works.

I labeled the drawers simply, using my scallop circle punch. I have a couple of drawers that have more than one color, or theme but have them separeted in a way that makes sense to me.I can see using the ribbons so much better now since I can see what I have easier & get to them better. Makes me happy!!


Carla said...

eye candy for sure! Yummy!!
I wrap my ribbon like that for my most valuable trims like MM or something and put it in a candy jar. Love this!

ccbtoddlvsdisney said...

This looks great Sara! What did you wrap around them? Now this is making me want to redo all my ribbon!

jediflame said...

It looks awesome!! And so neat and organized. :)

Valerie said...

Wow Sara - this is amazing. What is holding the ribbon -is it a piece of paper? It's so pretty!!

Suzanne said...

This looks so fantastic!!! What a thrill it must be to simply grab and go!!! Now, to focus on my huge tangled mess! LOL thanks for the inspiration!

Julie said...

They way you organized them looks pretty amazing. We usually have this kind of obsession with a particular thing that nobody understand. I do understand yours because I have the same. Like, Organizing a messy desk is imperative and organizing thing by their color is one of my favourite ways. Your ribbons are perfectly saved and those things you bought at Target are simply great for them.
You are an inspiration haha