Thursday, March 18, 2010

Priceless Friends

This pic is from my 35 birthday last year of me (in purple) with my sisters & friends. I have it in a frame on my desk & decided to print another copy & scrap it. At the time I printed it I had seen this LO of Laura's & decided to put my tremendous amount of ribbons to use.

Just a little FYI, my mess of ribbons are all neat & tidy now. I'm done wrapping them & they are all in one spot. I'll be sharing that post soon!!


Suzanne said...

This layout is so beautiful!!! I love all the ribbons, and cannot wait for your post on organizing them! I need help! LOL
Thanks for your Congratulations, my friend!!!

laura vegas said...

see, that one took me a minute to figure out ... but once i realized you flipped the design, i knew what layout you were inspired by. lol! love all the ribbons. and i admit, i've been using a lot of purple in my projects lately!