Monday, March 15, 2010

Ribbon Butterflies

Saw the idea to use up left over ribbons on Nichol's blog awhile ago & thought it was genious!! I knew I had to try it in the attempt to use more ribbons on my LO's.

This is my attempt at making butterflies....Not bad but I had to hand cut some of it out. Think the ric rac was too thick for this.
I think if I kept to thin ribbons & not the ric rac it would have been better. I also think it would have cut better if I took the foam out of my dies first. Need to play around with this some more. Love the idea!


Valerie said...

These are beautiful - I'm going to need to try this! btw - I love the texture from the ric rac..perfect!

Carla said...

gorgeous!! I've been dying to make these too!

~Patty~ said...

very cool idea. I saw Jennifer M try this with circles once. If I find that layout I will email it to you. Great for your first try.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love the pretty!!

and the circus pics...we try to go every other year & were supposed to go this year, but they are coming in april...during our spring break and we're not going to be here!! so bummed, since last time little dude went he was only a month old.

i took my cards down last month...or i should say the christmas tree's in my basement on my computer desk with the cards still attached...i need to take care of that.

hope you guys aren't soaked!

Suzanne said...

So love butterflies, and yours are beautiful! (sidenote, I could have sworn I was at your blog yesterday, and did not see all these posts!!!) I am so getting old! LOL

laura vegas said...

love these! i have still never tried doing the scraps of ribbons on shapes ... and it's such a genious idea for scraps.