Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vocabulary Parade

This week at the girls' school was "Dr Suess week", everyday was something different. Crazy hat day, mismatched sock day, wear your favorite color day, etc. On Friday they had the "Vocabulary Parade". They had to pick a word, & make a "sandwich board" describing it.

You know who did a lot of the work here right? ANYWHOO!!

The girls sorta got into it. We did the boards together (one kid at a time for my sanity's sake!) I got my craft on & used my Cricut for the letters & then embossed them with my Cuttlebug & yes the girls even helped with that! ;)

Marissa's word was "Monochromatic" & we went with the color yellow since she had both a yellow top & bottom she could wear on parade day. I cut yellow cardstock into 5x5 blocks & we glued yellow flowers, yellow buttons, yellow ribbons, yellow stickers, yellow glitter glue & embossed the last block with the cuttlebug & stuck yellow gems randomly to it. Yep my hobby came in handy!!

Here she is walking the parade, proudly displaying her board. Sadly I didn't take pics of either girls' board beforehand....what can I say?? I'm getting old! LOL!!It might be hard to see but on the back along the side "monochromatic" is spelled out then swiss dotted & pop dotted for dimension. LOTS of pop dots were used on these boards!!
Gianna chose "Rainbow", because well, she's in Kindergarten!! LOL!! Her poster was simpler, because she gets bored with things fast. I cut out half circles out of foam "paper" (?? not sure what it's called), then she glued them on top of one of another in order. Simple. The letters were pop dotted & Swiss dotted for pop.

She had her poster on backward...the definition should have been in back.... Here's the stinker when she thought I had stopped taking pics...because everytime she walked past me she'd hide her I said STINKER! ;)

Now the whole time we were making these boards I kept thinking it was wrong to have to do all this work but not grade the kids (call me crazy). After the parade, there was an annoucement to send the kids that were voted "best poster" in their class to the library for their prize.

Wait, WHAT?? I didn't know that part!

After school Marissa comes up to me telling me she WON for her class! The kids in her class voted for her (you couldn't vote for yourself). She was so excited! So was I! She got a "green eggs & ham" notepad & bragging rights. Gianna didn't score for her class but is currently plotting for next years parade! LOL!!


Carla said...

wow!! That's a ton of work. You all did a great job and congrats!!

laura vegas said...

you had mentioned them doing poster boards ... but i honestly had no clue what that meant. lol! now it's making sense. those both turned out so cute!