Monday, March 1, 2010

35 @ 35

I have been wanting to do this LO for awhile now. Had the 35 things about me written out. Just never got around to it--what else is new?

Since this is my birthday week (FRIDAY the 5th in case you want to celebrate with me ***wink wink***) I figured I'd make sure & get the LO done before I had to change it to 36 @36! LOL!!

Since there was a lot of journaling & I only wanted to make it a 1 page LO I went with some hidden journaling a `la Laura Vegas. And if you really must know 35 things about me I posted my 35 things below. Of course now that the LO is all done I'm thinking of so many other things I could've listed!
  1. I drink coffee entirely way too much, but it makes me happy.
  2. I'm a night owl.
  3. I have an odd assortment of things I collect. (tote bags, coffee mugs, etc)
  4. I spend a lot of time on my computer. (reading blogs, Facebook).
  5. I have a serious sweet tooth, especially after dinner.
  6. I love the color purple.
  7. I have a crazy amount of pink clothes.
  8. One alcoholic beverage makes me sleepy.
  9. I need to include exercise in my daily routine.
  10. I make list of things to do but often pass on the more time consuming ones.
  11. I don't like housework.
  12. I like to do laundry but not putting it away.
  13. I have a hard time making decisions.
  14. I'm always looking for the "perfect" purse.
  15. I would love to live somewhere warm.
  16. I need to be more of a postive person.
  17. Scrapbooking relaxes me.
  18. I keep Blistex in every room of the house & my car.
  19. I prefer listening to music than watching TV.
  20. I multi-task at every opportunity.
  21. I am hardly ever without my camera.
  22. I procrastinate too much.
  23. Want to learn Photoshop, but need someone to explain it to me.
  24. A dream of mine is to have a Wedding renewal at Disney.
  25. I have a blog.
  26. I love fresh strawberries, but not things strawberry flavored like ice cream.
  27. I've only been to 5 concerts in my life.
  28. I can exist on 5 hours of sleep, but prefer more.
  29. I tend to overpack for vacation everytime.
  30. Feel burnt out by Feb. or March of the school year.
  31. My family means more than anything to me.
  32. When I get angry I clean.
  33. My favorite number is 5. (born 3/5, married 6/5)
  34. I don't like talking on the phone a lot but sometimes feel forgotten when people don't call.
  35. I am pretty shy/quiet when first meeting people but once I'm comfortable I can be pretty outgoing.


laura vegas said...

i had to go and click over, to see what layout of mine you were talking about. lol! you really did dig deep for that one. love your take on it ... and such a fun idea to list the things about yourself.

and i love that sooooooo many of those could be me talking. we're a lot alike, you and me ;)

Valerie said...

Great layout Sara! I am also an 'angry' cleaner and I hate talking on the phone!!

Suzanne said...

Happy Early Birthday! I love your layout! I can relate a lot to what is on your list! Wish we lived closer!

Carla said...

Happy Birthday Sara, believe it or not I knew it was your b-day tomorrow :)
That's great LO and a great list. #35, that's me!!!
Have a great day tomorrow!