Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

It should've been called the "Wettest Show on Earth". It was raining going into the circus, not a drizzle but it wasn't crazy. The forcast was calling for heavy winds & strong rain but we were there & the "show must go on"!! ;0

We've been going to the circus for the last 3 years & each show has been better than the last! Joe got us amazing seats...and except for the guy practically sitting in my lap we had a great time! (I had to fight the urge to say something...grrrr!) Any-whoo!! Like I said great seats & a great show!

Marissa got a charge out of this clown's outfit, but Gianna wouldn't give him the time of day!

This is my favorite part---the TIGERS!! They are so beautiful!!Another surprise Joe had for us was VIP seats which at one point they brought us out to center of the ring to watch. SO COOL!! It's such a different perspective too! This pic is from inside the ring.
This couple were AWESOME!! They were BUILT like you couldn't believe & so graceful!!Yes that's the man being held up by the lady...she really supports his career! LOL!! I had to say it!!

The elephants are another favorite of mine.....

I'm not going to post every pic but if you ever get a chance to see a Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey show GO!!

After the show, as we were leaving, we got a peek of was NUTS!! The winds were blowing the rain horizontal! And the rain was coming down HARD!! We buttoned up, grabbed the girls by the hand & went as fast as we could! You could barely catch your breath the wind was that strong but we made our way through & got to the car...soaked but we made it!!

We made it home but the storm continued through the night & by morning slowed down some then it picked up again later on. Yeah it was another cruddy day. We had no water damage but a tree in our neighbor's yard came down by the roots, luckily it didn't hit their house. The town called & cancelled school for Monday. The highway was closed & there was flooding in areas around us but it missed where we live. It's been a wild weekend!


Valerie said...

That storm was nuts - props to you for venturing out! Glad you escaped damage. We were lucky too - we only lost power for an hour and got a little water in our crawl space. Love your pictures. We haven't brought our kids to the circus yet. I remember going when I was little and loving it.

Carla said...

sorry for all your crazy weather! I'm glad that you guys had fun at the circus!

Suzanne said...

love your pictures! I want to take my kids to the circus! So glad you had a great time, and had VIP seats!!!