Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An ode to my Big Sister

Today is the day my big sister, Maria, was born.

My parents named her "Maria Carmelina".

She's 3 years older than me.

(Not sure how old we are in this pic--she's the one wearing red)

When I was little, I couldn't pronounce her name so I called her "My-mella".

Eventually I was old enough to call her by the right name {and a few other names as well--c'mon we're sister's! It's not all peaches & cream!!}

I thought the world of my big sister & would do just about anything for her.

Case in point: This one time her & I were having ice cream cones with our Mom & she bet me $1 to touch the ice cream to both the lenses of my glasses. Because I thought the world of her {and I wanted that $1} I did it. But I never got my $1 despite my mom telling her she had to.

Go ahead & laugh at my naiveness!!

Despite the ups & downs over the years we're are pretty close. We even worked together (different depts.) for 7 yrs before I left to have Marissa.

When we weren't being "professional", we could easily revert to being kids & goof off.Every year on Halloween the company we worked at would let us leave work early if we wore costumes to work...and we took advantage of that.....Somehow she got to be the "sexy green M & M" while I got the goofy yellow one (that's all they had left). And you know why I'm ok with that?

Because I'd pretty much do anything for my big sister.

But I'm still waiting for my $1!!! Now pay up!! LOL!!

Love you!!

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Carla said...

happy birthday to your sis!! Love the pics, so cute!