Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just send me over the edge!

Yesterday to be on the safe side I kept Gianna home from school. She's got her Holiday Show/Party at school on Thurs so she needs to get better before then. I even made a Dr's appt to get her checked out since she hasn't slept good the past few nights (she's had a cold for a week). The whole day she was fine, barely heard a cough from her all day. Her energy is to be envied!

After picking up Marissa from school we head off to the Dr. He takes a look at her & checks the ears & lungs (all clear--YEAH!!), but declares her fine. The cold just needs to run it's course & should be over in the next few days. He doesn't prescribe anything & says she's not contagious & can go back to school. Ok.

Today I send her off to school. She's fine & happy to be at school. I head out to finish the Christmas shopping I have left. I got some done (some people are hard to shop for!!). Later on while waiting for Marissa to get out of school, I'm sitting in my car cursing myself for not having a snack since I feel the start of a headache, when my cell phone rings.

It's Gianna's school--Uh-oh!

The director tells me that Gianna was feeling blah & putting her head down on the table. They took her temperature & it's 102!! WHAT?!?! I tell her I'll be over as soon as I get Marissa.

Now the headache that was starting is full-on raging!! I feel horrible that my baby is burning up & needs me. My head is pounding. And I'm sorta pissed at the Dr. yesterday telling me she's fine! Arrrrrrrgggh!

What next?? I'm already frazzled with the Holidays. I feel so far behind this year & it doesn't help that Thanksgiving came late. It doesn't help that I started shopping later this year than normal. Is it horrible to wish Christmas was already over??

I just want to be a kid again somedays.....I think I want my Mommy!

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